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We manufacture Premium Bikinis 💎 👙

Quality Lycra of Santa Constância, Rosset and Digitale.
All the pieces in these fabrics have:
* Ultraviolet (UV) protection.
* Oeko-Tex certified
* CO2 Control certified.
Comfortable fabrics, with a soft touch, excellent elasticity, UV 50+ protection and treatment with Aloe Vera microcapsules that act on the skin and release a hydrating active, providing the skin with rejuvenating and restorative action, in addition to fighting free radicals.
The fabrics now also come with:
* Creora Highclo:
Elastane with high resistance to chlorine, increases the useful life and maintains the elasticity of the pieces for much longer.
* Antibacterial:
Inhibits the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors, ensuring hygiene, comfort and freshness.
The metals (accessories) used, have a cataphoretic bath that does not rust and does not heat up with the sun.
The bulbs of our models are removable and the panties pry the butt 😍

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